The best laid plans...

You want to know how to make God laugh? Make plans.

I had the best intentions of taking better pictures of the new stitchery patterns but was just waiting for the perfect lighting to come along. And so did the clouds and rain and storms.

Granted for the perfect outdoor photos you want a hazy overcast day, but not like the week we've been having here. However I did manage to take these yesterday in the small window of opportunity between full sun and rain.
 The lighting wasn't exactly perfect as the ground is a bit under-exposed, but I'll take what I can get. This one above is the new Sea Creatures pattern.
And this one here is the Bundle of Joy pattern featuring everything baby. These patterns should be available in another week or so. I'll let you know when they will be available for purchase.

Back soon with more new patterns!

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  1. Sorry you have been so frustrated but lovely pictures anyway x


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