New Pattern! Prima

This is the one that started it all:
 Thank goodness for a small window of opportunity in the sky and changing seasons for the perfect backdrop!
 Prima is a simple 3 color quilt that is perfect for beginners. It looks quite complex, but I promise it isn't.
 I went to town on the quilting on this one and I wouldn't change a thing.
 The border fabric from this quilt actually inspired the red paint for our bedroom. One day when the dogs are gone this is going to be the quilt on our bed... (or so I hope)
 The stars are interlaced like a puzzle, so each star uses it's own points. No points are shared between the two colors.
At 94" x 94" it's a nice large size. Also, the outer edge is irregular even though the quilt is square. All stars end completed which gives the edge the random appearance.

Now would you believe that the fabrics used for the center of the quilt are blenders that are available at most quilt shops? If you choose a border first with this pattern as I did and then choose the star colors from that it'll look stunning no matter which color combination you choose.

This pattern is printing as we speak and should be ready to purchase in a couple weeks.

So what do you think?


  1. This is the one you were talking about when we chatted last month isn't it?!?--It looks beautiful & the quilting is perfect. =)

  2. I'm in!!!!! Love it, want it, mail it!!! I'm thinking bright sunny fabrics to live in sunny Florida!! Sandy G.

    1. It'll be ready to ship as early as Wednesday! I just got home from Florida, it was wonderful, but hot!!! Miss you tons, we'll have to meet up if you're ever back in Ohio!


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