Checker's Open House

This past weekend Mom and I were able to head up to the Checker's Open House. It was a first for me, and boy, do they have tons of stuff in their warehouse! I've never seen so much fabric in one place at one time! Plus - now Checkers carries Ruby Blue patterns!!! Hooray!

Since Mom went up to Montana this past June to become a Certified Shop in Judy Niemeyer's patterns (Quiltworx), we went up to see Judy and Cindy and see what the latest and greatest items were.

I foresee that this year will continue to have many "firsts" for me. This was my first trip to Kansas City for Spring Market, my first time to the Checker's Open House, in a few weeks it will be my first time attending Mom's Quilting Retreat, and in October I will be going to Fall Market for the first time.

Going back to the Retreat with Mom and lots of our friends from the shop, it's Sunday afternoon to Wednesday morning with nothing but quilting. No classes, no schedule, sleep in, stay up late, whatever. I've never been able to go before, but this year I finally get to go. So, after our little trip to Checker and after meeting Judy... this happened to come home with me and I plan on choosing fabrics later today. I can't wait to get started!
 All I'm saying is they sucked me in and between Mom and I, I think we've picked out fabric for about 8 Quiltworx patterns in the last 2 days. They got me. Hook. Line. And Sinker. I'll keep you posted once I get the fabrics!
 So, hotels can be so boring, and uncomfortable, so we usually try to find Bed & Breakfasts while we're gone. Mom and I stayed at this cute little place just outside of Maumee.
 When you walked out of the room, this patio greeted you.
 She had such a lush little backyear with the coolest art and gadgets.
 There were little (and big) statues tucked in everywhere. Oh, and yes it's purple. Hence why it's called the Little Purple House.
 The thing that got my attention was her squirrel feeder that puts mine to shame. Look at that thing! I think I need to search for one of these too!
It was really relaxing... Until we tried to sleep that is. It's a really nice place, but the train tracks aren't that far away and every train that came through sounded like it was above your head it was so loud. All 7 of them... Other than that it was lovely, but the trains! Oh, the calamity!

So, Mom and I returned with some new goodies including new batiks for the Quiltworx patterns, the new Quiltworx patterns, and Judy's new Creative Grids Templates to use with her wedding ring patterns. It's pure genius and I plan to use one here very very soon! Back with more soon!

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