Machine Quilting: Batiks Galore!

My friend Darlene asked me to quilt some of her quilts for her.
 This first quilt she's giving as a wedding gift. It was all made out of batiks that had leaf designs on them. Love the colors. So I quilted this one with the Falling Leaves Pantograph which I also used on this quilt.
 Both of the above quilts are made out of the popular Day & Night pattern by Eleanor Burns. This one was Christmas themed so Darlene asked me to do something special in the stars and I suggested quilting loops and holly berries/leaves in the rest of the quilt.
 The colors of the fabrics make this quilt so beautiful.
 Here's how the stars looked from the front which is hard to see the quilting with the detail of the fabrics, so...
 This is how it looked from the back. You can really see the detail with the Fireside on the back. Love this stuff! All three quilts had Fireside on the back.
 Including this one! Darlene made Judy Niemeyer's Desert Sky quilt and I think it's magical! The colors look so good together.
 Darlene asked that she wanted something curly but wanted me to avoid the spikes of the New York Beauty sections if possible, which I was able to.
 I found inspiration to blend a few different designs into one. This used swirls, headbands and pebbles. I love how it turned out and I had so much fun quilting this one.
It's really neat on the back how you can see the spikes of the New York Beauty sections since I didn't quilt in them.

Thanks Darlene! I've got a couple more of her quilts to work on in the next couple weeks and I'm sure I'll be showing those on here too!


  1. No, Thank You Becky!! Now I have to get busy binding them!!!!

  2. Becky, Becky, Becky! Absolutely breath taking quilting! That does it, I'm mailing my quilt tops to you (at least the worthy ones) for quilting! Seriously! Miss everyone, say HI! to your Mom for me! Sandy G.

  3. I so love Darlene's first two quilts and wondered what the name of the block is? I do love her New York Beauty quilt as well but would appreciate knowing the name of the block in her first two quilts. Thanks.

    1. As mentioned above, they are both versions of Eleanor Burns Day & Night pattern. Thanks for the comment!


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