Machine Quilting: Grinch Quilt

Linda gave me this top to quilt and asked for a design like Waterworld (a pantograph pattern) or something freehand like it. I took one look at the quilt and new what had to be done!
 I love quilting swirls, they add so much to a quilt! These swirls come to a point which makes them fit in with the Suess theme.
 Linda did a wonderful job on the quilt. I love the fabrics.
On a quilt like this that has extremely contrasting fabrics it may be hard choosing a thread color. I quilted this in a light green that stood out just enough to show the quilting, but didn't stand out so much that it's the only thing you'll notice.

Thank you, Linda, for letting me quilt this for you! It was fun and got me thinking about the quilts I should start for Christmas projects. They might actually get done this year... if I start now...


  1. Great quilt and quilting design. What is that called?? It is perfect for that quilt.

    1. Was the quilting your own design? I love it and would like to learn something like that. Thank you for the inspiration.


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