Isn't it Ironic???

Don't ya think? (So sorry, my Hubbin is absolutely addicted to the 90's on 9 station on our Sirius radio on the TV and God forbid if I change the channel. Another funny story about that, but keep reading for that one)

So, many of you who follow my blog or found me through the Moda Bake Shop have seen pictures of my crazy dogs. Like this one from my last Bake Shop recipe (click here for the recipe if you haven't checked it out already)
Well, here's the ironic part (which I was completely clueless until Hubbin pointed it out, but alas). So let me set the scene for you...

It's Sunday morning. I'm in my pajamas still, I have no motivation to go anywhere or do anything. My hair is in somewhat in the ponytail I went to bed in and I haven't looked in the mirror because I know I look like I've been through a major session of electroshock therapy. Ben and I are talking when I notice Paco acting strange and this mess of goo coming from his mouth. He's not sick yet, but it might be coming real soon.

So I do what everyother dog mommy does and grab my baby and run outside. Leash? No! The dog's going to be sick, how far could he run? (insert cheesy fake laughing here) We've done this before. Paco is a Chihuahua which when translated equals something to the effect of "eats anything that will fit in mouth and decide if it was a good idea or not later". He gets sick occasionally, we go outside, he does his thing, we go inside, no leash.

Well, I took Paco out. He did something, but no sickness. Then he ran to the far side yard and did some "business". I'm thinking maybe that's all it was and now he'll feel better. Well, obviously it must've done something because I called for him to go back inside and he ran right to the door.

Now at this point I'm feeling pretty damn good. I have an elderly partially blind partially deaf (or selective on both when he wants to be) dog that has the memory span of a goldfish off leash and he ran right to the door. Meanwhile I still look like death warmed over I'm sure, but I'm awesome, right? I open the door, the dog is inches away...

That's when the little **** decided to bolt towards the street. Luckily we live on a not so busy side street, but regardless a 5 lb. Chihuahua is no match for a car. So then I ran (kinda) barefoot across the gravel driveway (ouch!) after him. He then ran away from the road and into the yard, which would have been nice but it was the neighbor's yard! I chased, he ran, I chased some more, he ditched me somewhere in the chase around the neighbor's cars and then he bolted again - DOWN THE ROAD!!!

At this point all I can think of is he's running away. How am I going to tell Ben? Speaking of, where is Ben? What if he gets hit by a car? How will I explain that? What if I don't get him back? (I am definitely my own worst enemy, or my mind is)

I finally catch up to Paco and somehow I am able to grab him at the corner of our road and the crossroad. I don't know what made him hesitate. But I got him! Yay!

That's when the realization that I am in my pajamas looking like hell (to put it bluntly) and I just ran down the street barefoot. It's not paved and it's not gravel, but it's that lovely chip & seal crap that smells and it's not so nice on the feet. Not only do my feet start to hurt almost instantaneously at this realization but I also had a few other things come to mind:

1. Who did I just give an entertaining show to this early in the morning? (Oh goodness!)
2. I'm still barefoot and now have to walk back to the house (which hurt worse because now I'm aware of everything I step on, no more adrenaline rush)
3. I am so out of shape!
4. How do I tell Ben this?

So I go inside and spill the news to Ben. I'm a little ticked at the dog and not sure how to react to it. Life goes on...

Then a little later that morning I was working on the computer and somehow the picture above came onto my screen. Ben is standing behind me and starts laughing like crazy. Still a bit ticked, I ask what is so funny.

He points to the picture and tells me that I couldn't have named my quilt better, he zigged and you zagged alright. Paco was free for just a few minutes, but he was free!

I know Ben was trying to make light of the situation, and I have to say it worked. Thought you all might find it interesting. Anyone else have crazy mornings like mine that give you a nice reality check?

p.s. Oh, and back to the Ben & 90's on 9 station. So it's the 90's on 9 station. A song comes on, I can't remember which one, but Ben says, "Wow, this is an old one!"

It's the 90's on 9 station. All the songs played are from the 90's. I could understand if it was a random radio station, but come on! I thought it was funny, I still can't believe those words came out of his mouth. hehehehe

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