My Beauties!

These flowers have since bloomed and now look a bit worse for wear, but I wish they were still around.

They're a type of tulip that looks more like peonies... I fell in love with them and planted the bulbs last fall.

I was a bit worried the weird weather we had was going to harm them, but all it did was confuse them a bit. There's two different colors, one was supposed to bloom early spring and the other late spring... They both bloomed at the same time because we were going through periods of 80* weather here one day and freezing temperatures a day or two later.

They're in the same flower bed as my stargazer lilies and I just checked on those, I think they're going to be great this year, and maybe even a bit early... Some of them are already over two feet tall! Crazy!

I'm hoping to get the vegetable gardens in this weekend, that is if I can tame the parsley that took over the one garden it seems! Wish me luck!

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