5, 4, 3, 6, 2, 1 (Market Recap)

So why all these numbers for a Market Recap? And why in that order?

Because in 5 days, this girl
was on 4 planes
stayed in 3 hotel rooms
set foot in 6 states
on my 2 feet
which resulted in 1 tired girl!

And downloading the pictures from my camera, I'm even more ashamed than I thought I should have been. I swear I only took about 6 pictures total during my trip, but can think of all the pictures I should have taken. The worst part is I had the camera with me the WHOLE TIME!!! I have no excuses besides the awe of Market (yeah, that sounds good, right?!)
 So, this was the main entry to the lobby...
 Just beyond that was the escalators. You couldn't get into the show until 9:30 on the dot and then it was a mad dash to get up into the show.
 This was day two, on day one I didn't have my camera out for this experience and I was afraid to pull it out, get pushed or trip, get run over by the stampede of quilters and have a bad Market, so I opted to wait until day two.
This is a view from the 5th row of booths towards the back of the convention. Just a little big, don't ya think?! Well, unfortunately that's it. I wish I had more to show, but like I said. I saw and met soooo many amazing people, the camera wasn't even on my mind half the time.

So, what'd you think?!

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