Back from Market...

I'm home, and I think I'm in one piece...

We traveled and walked and walked and walked - I think I walked more over the weekend than I have in the last month! But it was sooooo worth it!

Sad to say I didn't take many pictures while I was gone. I guess since I hadn't been at a Market in a while I was so taken back by the sights I neglected my camera, I do have some pictures however and I will post them later.

And sorry for not posting sooner. It's so hard to get back in the swing of things:
- work is busier than when I left (I was only gone 2 days, but it feels like I have a month's worth of work waiting for me!)
- I had to grocery shop by myself last night (Ben and I usually go together or he does it, I think it's been years since I did it myself!)
- my poor feet and hips and shins need some rest - my shin splints today are killing me!
-and I started reading the Hunger Games books the night we left... I finished the second one last night and think I should have the last one done some time this weekend. Hence why I didn't blog last night like I planned... (really they are THAT GOOD, no joke, I highly recommend them!)

So all that aside my brain is still sorting out all of the things we saw and admired and I'm trying to get back into quilting mode. I'll probably be long arm quilting a bunch this weekend so hopefully I'll have plenty of goodies to show you!

I'll be back to post the pictures I did get at Market very soon!

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