So Excited!

So, last night I got home after another long day of long arm quilting and was just browsing around on Facebook killing some time before dinner was ready and got quite a shock:
Posted on the United Notions/ Moda Fabrics Facebook status was this photo of the booth at the Dallas Quilt Show happening this weekend... Much to my surprise my You Zig I'll Zag Quilt is hanging in the booth! See it in the right corner? Yay!

When I spotted this I immediately jumped up and down and screamed and then followed it up with a long lasting happy dance! I even tried to dance so much Ben tried to calm me down but it didn't exactly work and I accidentally bumped my arm into his beer bottle which was at this mouth... Ooooopppps! Luckily it didn't hurt him at all - that would have been horrible!

And I am sad to say that you got the good news part of the good news/ bad news deal... So I have been quilting up a storm and had permission from my customers to show pictures of their quilts, but someone (me) was so excited to go quilt that I forgot the camera at home... Dun, Dun, Dun...

I am planning on doing much more quilting this weekend however and I plan on taking lots of pictures to share. Let's just hope that I remember the camera this time. So what are you all up to this weekend? Anyone going to the Dallas Quilt Show?


  1. I was at the Dallas show today. The mode bakeshop booth was very cute & your quilt looked great!


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