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So, through the quilt shop I met this adorable lady named Tammy. She is new to quilting (she's a wonderful knitter and we're slowly bringing her over to the dark side - insert creepy laugh here), but she's doing great! I had the opportunity to quilt a couple of her projects that are gifts for others:
This is a gift for a baby shower in the very near future. This quilt is so adorable and I love the colors and fabric in it! However, this was one of the quilts I was so excited to get done I forgot my camera at home, so Miss Tammy e-mailed me pictures of it before the quilting. I ended up quilting bubbles all over this in a light thread, perfect for a little one!
 And then there was also this log cabin quilt Tammy made.
 It's a wonderful mixture of blues and greens she's giving as a wedding gift. She asked me to quilt an all over design on it so I opted to quilt these swirls knowing it's for a wedding gift. I this design makes just about any quilt a smidge more elegant. Don't you think?
I think she did a wonderful job! (sorry about the sun shining in the lower corner there, it was a gorgeous day outside and I love having the sun shine in while it's around!

Thanks,  Tammy! I'm excited to see what you make next! I think this is my favorite part of quilting - new quilters!

Well, there's 2 of the quilts I've been quilting lately. I'll show you more pictures later as I quilt some more!


  1. Oh, such a beautiful quilt, love those colors and your quilting is spectacular!

  2. I really like the blue and green log cabin. Tammy is doing great! Also love your all over design. Does that design have a name? It does make it look elegant. Nice job.

    1. Dar, at this time this design doesn't have a name... Right now I call it swirl or something like that but I also call a bunch of other designs swirls too. If you have a suggetion for a name I'm all ears! Thanks!

  3. Your quilts are really beautiful!!!


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