In a pickle...

I have a small favor to ask.

Ben and I are looking to go on a trip around Easter, but we can't decide where to go! So, I thought I'm game for suggestions so I'd ask you.

Do you have anywhere you would suggest for a few days to get away (with no plans, no agenda, good food, stuff to do, etc.) that you would recommend?

We've been trying to think and just can't so I thought I'd ask. Any suggestions are welcome!

I'll be back later with the update from my "snow days" and I have more tutorials coming up in the Back to Basics feature I'm sure you will love!

Until then, thanks in advance!!!


  1. our favorite "simple and relaxing" trip is to a wine trail in southern illinois - it's a dozen or so wineries within 20 minutes of each other. we stay in a bed and breakfast, eat royally and just wander around, enjoying the day and tasting wines. if i remember right (i haven't been reading your blog for too long), you're in ohio, which means it's probably too far, but maybe you could find something similar near you!

    (we do the shawneewinetrail.com)

  2. Sedona, Arizona! You can do everything from shopping to hiking. It is a great place to go......we are still trying to get back there. Maybe someday!

  3. Charleston, SC is a fantastic and romantic place to go for a weekend getaway. There are antiques, walking tours, parks, open air markets, shops,an aquarium, beautiful views, and great restaurants. You can walk to almost everything from the Market area. My husband and I have gone there several times over the years and never tire of it.

  4. Jim and I went to Washington D.C. in October. If you had a week, you couldn't see everything there is to see. Lots and lots of walking, but it's easy to get around. Would the cherry blossoms be on around Easter? You are also just a quick jaunt from Alexandria, VA which has lots of shops.


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