My Snowy Adventure

So, the whole premises of the Snowed in Giveaway was being snowed in, right?

Well, it was cold here and if you read the past posts you know they were calling for the storm of the century just about. We could get up to 2' of snow in a day or snow but everyone was supposed to get at least 8".... We got a whopping 4" total in this "storm", but I decided to pretend like it was the end of the world and stay home for days to get some stuff done.

I started out with making a present for my S-I-L, then started cutting out a new project and finishing something that I honestly can't remember now. Then it happened - I got done in no time at all! Sooooo, then I eyed up the Christmas decorations. Didn't think I could do it all by myself. The stockings, the tree, the ornaments. It all came down in a flash...

So I was on a roll! The music was great, the pajamas were comfy and I was getting things accomplished. I still had hours before Ben was to be up, so I thought I'd start tackling my sewing room...

(insert ominous music here, like the music from Jaws...)

I started in to the mess (I would show a picture but it really was that horrible), I had to tackle this pile and I knew I wanted to move stuff there, but that would mean moving that stuff first. Before I knew it I was in over my head!

What I thought (according to my track record for the day...) would take an hour or two took me 3 days to complete!!! It's technically not even "finished" now, but we just won't go there - okay??? So, I have a spare bedroom I use as my sewing room. Nothing fancy, still actually getting it to the Goldie Locks stage - it's almost just right...
Oh, and do you notice the Mustang that my Husband so conveniently placed right where I look when I'm sewing?

That is until I buy more, put out new patterns AND have to find somewhere to keep it all, but those are all good problems to have, right? So before cleaning the corner above there was a huge pile of scraps that needed to be sorted as high as the dresser and out so far I couldn't open the door on the other cabinet... :(
 This is where I sew now and I know someone will ask - what's with the pillow rubberbanded to the chair. This is my quick fix for back support. That is until I get a better one... But I hung my memo board right next to where I sit...
 And cleaned the closet! All of my fabric (for the most part) is organized by color if it's in pieces big enough. I also picked up these other cubes the other day to hold my magazines and books, charm packs, jelly rolls, patterns and other things.
But the part I'm most excited about - or was... You can see the floor! All of it! That was until I finished the blocks for another small quilt and they are currently laid out on said floor... But small hurdles. It was clean and it will be clean again once I piece that top...

So honestly this is what I did while I was "snowed in". Once I finished this project and started the giveaway the temperatures went in the opposite direction and we had several days here in the 50's. In January. In the Snowbelt. In January... It was nice, but I do kinda want some snow. I think I'm ready now... Maybe.

So, that was last week, this week so far has been just as exciting. I quilted a little yesterday and today, I'll be back tomorrow with pictures! See you soon!


  1. Your time was so productive. I'm a little jealous. :)

  2. What an amazing space! I love it....and especially your memory board...that is something I could enjoy hanging in my space! I think I need to consider making something like that if I can find a frame cheap enough!!!


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