And the winner is...

First things first - thank you all so much for the pattern love and the wonderful comments. I enjoyed reading each and everyone one of them!

From what I gather, here's a list of what many of you will be doing:

sewing or quilting
baking - all sorts of things
lots of goodies in the crockpot
reading tons of books (thanks for the suggestions by the way!)
watching movies (especially Johnny Depp! Yay!)
watching the snow fall before it becomes snirt (snow & dirt, new to me too, but I love it)
playing with the kids

After reading all these comments, here's what I want to do now:

bake - all sorts of things
put stuff in my crockpot
read a ton of books
watch a few movies
watch the snow fall from where I'm warm
play the Wii with my Hubbin
and to top it off I've never craved a grilled cheese so much in my life!!!

So, without further delay - THE WINNER IS:

justacraftymom who said...

Living up here in Maine we can get a lot of snowed in days, even in the spring! Of course I would sew! But I also like to play board games with my kiddos, snuggle in bed and read a good book while the kids watch a Disney movie that I have probably have watch a 1000 times.

Thank you all again for the wonderful comments, you sure knew how to make this girl smile and chuckle over the weekend! justacraftymom - I'll be sending you an e-mail shortly, please send me your snail mail address so I can get these goodies off to your doorstep!

This went so well, I'm already thinking of the next giveaway and what it could be... Hhhmmmmm....

Back to other topics, Paco sure felt the love, but I wanted to show you what it's like living with this little one. Here's the shots I tried to take:

If it seems that I might have more pictures of Duncan (my Cairn Terrier) it's because he's not a wiggle worm. Seriously, about 80% of all pictures end this way with Paco... but I still love him.

So much so that we got him a new toy yesterday. He LOVES Nylabones. He won't look at, sniff, or even bother with anything else. If it's a Nylabone - he's golden. So, we were out of Nylabones (panic!) so off to the store we went. We got the usual 3 pack, but I saw one that was a dinosaur... It was kinda big, but it made me wonder if Paco could handle it. If he couldn't Duncan would be fine with it regardless, so we brought it home.

It's a HUGE hit! So much so that when I came home today to let Paco out of his cage, we went outside to do "business" and then he ran back in so excited to get it - he couldn't. He'd pick it up and you'd hear it slide out of his mouth when he'd turn around. He'd finally get it, start running and drop it again. It was hi-larious! SO, not to torture my fur-baby or nothing, but I took it away from him, put it back in the cage for instant replay:
I know I"m rambling today so I've got to stop and get into my sewing room, but thank you all so much again! I'll be back with more soon!

One last congrats to justacraftymom!


  1. Congratulations to the winner.

    Ok I'm sitting here laughing at your dog while my cat who finally decided he would get up today is staring at me like I've gone off the deep end. HA I think it's so hillarious when those tiny little dogs think they are going to scare us big people with those fierce growls of theirs. HAHA My son's Toy Fox Terriers both do that and it cracks me up every time.

    Speaking of too big for puppy bones ~ at Christmas my husband wouldn't let me buy the bone I wanted to for our Grandpuppies. It was one of those huge, almost three foot long rawhide bones. Hey, they were half price with my coupon and just once I wanted to see just how stubborn those little dogs were going to attempt to be. They always come visit us because I love dogs but won't get one because my legs are so bad that I can't take them outside as much as it would need. My cat thanks me for that considering once the Grandpuppies leave after being here all day long you can honestly see the sigh of relief in his face. lol He probably gets worried when they arrive because a few years ago when my son moved back from FL he had lost everything he had worked for in the five years since high school to an evil woman so he had to stay here for almost two years. My king of the house Ragdoll kitty was NOT pleased when they were still here at the end of each day that entire time. I think he gets worried they're going to stay again each time they visit.

    Show more videos of your dog. He's just too cute and ooooooooooh SO fierce too. hehe

  2. Congrats to the winner! =) Thanks for a lovely giveaway too!


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