Great Intentions

I had great intentions of lining up some really good blog entries for all of you. Then we went to the home improvement store...

Followed by another trip to the same store...

And another...

And another...

And another...

We started out just browsing, no plans to buy or do anything at all. Then I think the home improvement gods struck me with lightning and gave me an idea at two in the morning that I had to have a shelf in my kitchen for my cookbooks...

So this was trip #2 to the store, but I didn't like any of the shelf/bracket options. So I should build my own, right?

Which led to trip #3 and instead of finding a shelf, we found a pantry cabinet that matches our kitchen cabinetry perfectly. It's the right size, right color and to jab that lightning bolt in a bit deeper - it was half off - AND it included moulding at no cost. We were in big trouble.

I've always wanted more storage, especially for all of my canning stuff. It is the perfect color and size. And it's half off with crown moulding. Did I mention we can't just buy 1 cabinet like we have, we'd have to order about 6 of them... It seemed like it was meant to be!

So trip #4 was to pick up the cabinet and all necessary equipment needed to install said cabinet. We got home. We have the cabinet. We go to put it in place and there's an electric outlet in exactly the wrong spot... How could I have forgotten about the outlet?

I know it could be a quick fix and move, but that was one more thing I just did not want to deal with. So off to the store we went again for a "few more things".

So for the past few days I have a random pantry cabinet awaiting a home, furniture all rearranged (twice), and the clutter that goes along with random cabinets and moving furniture.

It seems like the whole weekend just disappeared! So, if you'll stick with me a couple more days, once this cabinet has a home and the whole house gets back in order I will show you pictures and find my routine all over again.

Tomorrow Mom and Ben and I are all heading down to Holmes County for a small day trip including Amish Food!!! So excited! Will share more about that after I get back.

Have a great week! I couldn't leave you without a picture, so I think I'm off to snuggle with Paco!


  1. I live in Holmes Co. near Miller's Dry Goods! Wave when you go by! Sadly I won't be home tomorrow. Have fun!

  2. Is paco a chiuaua (I cannot spell but I think it is close)? My daughter has a 13 pound ome named Georgie who has been living with me for the last month and paco looks like him.


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