Sugarcreek, Walnut Creek, Berlin & Charm

On Tuesday the Hubby and I headed down to Mom's house, we met up with her and were on the road! A small stop for coffee and breakfast and then a little over 2 hours later we arrived in Sugarcreek. We didn't stop at first, but headed on over to our first priority at Walnut Creek.

After our meeting there for something to be announced very soon which I am totally excited for (I'll update you soon, patience is a virtue...) we went to Berlin for some wonderful lunch. I always forget the name of this cafe that we eat at, but if you're ever in downtown Berlin, it's a few doors down from the Country Craft Cupboard Quilt Shop and almost right across the street from Helping Hands Quilt Shop... You'll notice it with the line stretching out the door if the timing is right. Listen to me, go stand in that line, find yourself a table and sit down to some of the best soup and sandwiches you could ever ask for. And if there's room - which there never is because they feed you too good - the pies and desserts are HUGE! I've never had them because I'm always too full, but maybe next time...
After lunch we went into Charm to visit Miller's Dry Goods. I love this shop. It's really 2 buildings. The first is notions, pre-made things, patterns, books, that kind of stuff. The second building is all the fabric... And these awesome hoodies.
 This is the front and how they package them, tied up with a matching ribbon.
 And the reason I bought this one (besides the fact I seem to be cold all the time). I just love it!
 We stopped at an antique shop also in Charm which had some amazing items, but the prices were a little out of my budget. Okay, a LOT out of my budget. But it was neat to see some of the items he had collected, but the coolest thing of all there - he had spotted deer he raises out back! I've never seen a spotted deer in my life, until that day...
 We decided our time in Holmes County was almost over, so we drove back through the hills and wonderful farm houses...
 Into Sugarcreek once again. Now Sugarcreek calls itself the Little Switzerland of Ohio. The one bar/restaurant we go to sometimes when we are in the area is across from this building that has a nice scene of a Swiss Village - BUT - some of the skiers move! Notice the one in the middle above the trees?
In this picture he's to the left and a new skier is sliding down the hill! It reminds us so much of the Yodeler game from the Price Is Right. I can hear the music now. I have no clue what is even housed in this building, I think it's a financial planner or something...

We knew this building existed, but then glancing over the hardware store also has a similar scene with tobogganers moving down a hill.

Then we stopped at the McDonald's to grab some caffeine for the drive home - and the McDonald's has a winter scene with a train that moves between the drive-thru windows. I was laughing more and more with each scene we saw.

It was a gorgeous day and turned out to be a wonderful day trip. Even though it was business motivated, it was nice to just get away for awhile. Where do you go for a day trip?

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  1. I am going to have to go find those deer! Sometimes we don't know what we have right in our own back yard. Since I live in Amish country, I go to Cleveland or Akron for a day trip to visit Target and the Mall! LOL!


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