Alphabet Stitchery: Noah's Ark

I'm trying to keep the themes of these quilts on a trend that will grow with the little ones (if they get them when they're brand new!) Little ones aren't little for very long and this quilt offers a size that they can play on, learn to crawl on, drool on, carry around when they walk, and sleep with in their big kid beds!

Noah and his Ark are accompanied by all sorts of animals - all two by two in this quilt. There's camels and elephants, donkeys and lions and many many more!
I had so much fun drawing out these guys and trying to decide how each animal would interact with it's partner, where to put them all in the design, and what colors of thread to use!

As with the other quilts, the stats stay the same:

Finished size: 40" x 48"
24 Blocks (10 Stitchery & 14 Pieced)
Finished block size: 10" x 8"

Now some of you may be asking why use a non-square block? My initial reaction to this is why not? But also it offers possibilities that you just can't get with only square blocks.

A great idea just popped into my head - wouldn't this be a darling donation to a church raffle??? I'm thinking YES!

One more thing - I actually used a layer cake for this design and had plenty left over to make at least one more quilt! But it gave me an exceptionally scrappy look. This is the debut fabric line from Malka Dubrawsky for Moda called A Stitch in Color! I got the idea for the quilting from once of the fabrics - see the gray with yellow in the bottom right? Yeah, that one! You can find this fabric in stores now.

Alright, so I hope you enjoy this quilt and if you have any questions or own a shop and would like to place an order, please e-mail me at rubybluequilts (at) gmail (dot) com. Be back soon with more (;

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