My morning...

So, here's a kinda typical day (about once every few weeks or so) when you have a dog that LOVES water:
I was in the living room cutting some strip sets for a quilt I'm working on - minding my own business - trying to listen to the movie I've got on the TV - but all I can hear is the dog playing in the tub.

This sadly wasn't even the best part. He LOVES playing in there and blowing bubbles with his nose and splashing all over and having a jolly good time.

This time around, this was his treat for big bad Momma taking him to the vet earlier that morning. But most times when we have someone coming to the house for a service call or something (like to service the furnace or hook up the new satellite or something) I'll put Duncan in the tub with a few inches of water - he COULD CARE LESS that anyone is there. He'll play for hours if I'd let him.

Gotta love this dog. Does your pet do something crazy like mine?


  1. I love it! Dogs can be so adorable. My dog, Wiley, likes to pull all of his toys back out of the basket if I have put them away to vacuum. But your dog takes the cake. Thanks for sharing.

  2. So where is his Rubby Ducky?? He sure gives himself quite the workout!! I got a picture of my cat sitting in the bathroom sink this morning??


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