They're Growing!!!

I feel like one of the biggest dorks on the planet. I know it's only been a little over a week, but I have baby produce!!! Just look how much my garden has grown in a week:

 I have baby yellow beans...
 and green beans. I planted these just last week and look at them already!
 Corn that was planted just last week too
 Baby tomatillos... these are gonna be perfect for Mexican Nights...
 And I was all excited, then I woke up yesterday to really dark clouds. And then the wind came, the horrible rain and the hail - Oh, the hail. And when it finally started to let up about an hour and a half later - this is what my back yard looked like. Sorry it's blurry but it was still raining cats and dogs.
 And do you see my drowning garden. Yes that is a raised garden in that mess - not so raised if you ask me. Luckily it came quickly and went away. The garden is drying out nice and only 1 yellow bean plant was harmed in the storm. We got over 2 inches of rain in about an hour. That water there is about 6 inches deep or more...
 But today it's over 90 degrees and it's all drying up. Then I looked in my window box to see my finger carrots growing. Only another week or so and they'll be ready!
And last but not least, some baby strawberries. I love my garden and I hope to make it wonderful and big to fill my pantry for the winter. And some snacks for now...

I live being outside but for the first time ever I had a really bad allergy attack - sorta. Over the weekend I was doing the normal runny nose, goopy eye thing. Then I woke up Sunday and had pink eye! I had allergies so bad my one eye was all bloodshot so off to the doctor I went and I've had to put drops in my eyes and wear my glasses (BOO!) instead of my contacts for the last few days. I'm thinking tomorrow might be the first day back to contacts (I despise my glasses). Thank goodness for 24 hour non-drowsy allergy meds!

I'll keep you updated and try to get some good pictures of the larger Charmed Living Tote tomorrow. They're calling for more storms, so wish me luck! Talk to you again soon!

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