Quilt Festival

Sssooooo, I helped Moda last week at this little thing called the Shipshewana Quilt Festival. Mom, Moda Mark and I were accompanied by Cheryl Ross from Heaven on Earth Quilt Shop in Wabash, IN. I was helping Cheryl with a little program on the Moda Bake Shop called 'Come Bake With Us'
 Do any of you have that fear of watching movies back of yourself??? Looking at this picture I have no clue why Mom (or how) she got me with this look on my face... Just saying... But this is Cheryl and I with a bunch of the goodies.
 Here's a bigger look at the front (and my adorable outfit if I do say so myself!). Let's see there's Ruby (LOVE) Sugar Pop (LOVE) Bliss (LOVE) Central Park (LOVE) - notice a pattern here?
 Mom was all over taking pictures for Cheryl and I - Thanks Ma!!!
 This was the bunch of ladies we were chatting with. These ladies are smart - they took soooo many notes and came prepared...they've done this a time or two...
 We know a bunch of people that tease Mom and I that we should be Italian with how much we talk with our hands (and feet too!) Here I have proof, the hands are moving so much they are blurred in the photo!!!! Aaaahhh, it is true and I can't deny it...
 This is the town of Shipshewana, complete with Amish Buggies and all...
 Yoder's to the left with a grocery store, knick knack store and clothing/fabric store all in one...
 Blue Gate Restaurant to the right, very very good Amish Food, either by Menu or Family Style. You can get a carriage ride around town from the little awning to the right there... And yes that is a sign for Kaye England. She was doing classes and lectures at the Blue Gate.
 And... Dais Mercantile. Home to Lolly's Quilt Shop and 22 (yes 22) other shops all in one.
 It's so cozy and nice inside. All the shops are accessible from the inside and each one has it's own little storefront inside too! There's an awesome secret on the third floor just out of range of this photo - you have to go visit to find out for yourself!
 And one of the doors to Lolly's. See all that fabric in there...
And to make it better there's this wonderful porch outside with rocking chairs! I was going to take a picture from the inside of the shop a bit earlier but there was a gentleman asleep in one of the chairs and I thought that would be mean...I can't believe this was my 3rd trip here and the first time I discovered this porch! I love porches!!!

Included in the Quilt Festival is also an entire show of vendor booths and a Shop Hop - there's definitely no shortage of things to do. And to think, this was only the 3rd year for this Festival, it's HUGE!!! I definitely plan on going back next year and see more of what the Festival has to offer...

So, did you attend? Do you want to go? Don't you want to go to a shop with a porch like that? Thinking about it though, thank goodness Mom's shop doesn't have a porch like that - I'd never be working. You could always find me lounging and doing handwork on the porch. Well, I got some sewing done tonight and I'm trying to wrap up a few other projects. I'll keep you posted on what's going on over here. Stay tuned for more!

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  1. saw you at the moda come bake with us lecture. I am now a follower of your designs {love}.

    This was the third year we traveled to shipshewanna for their quilt festival and it is in the calendar to go again next year.

    Love lollys and yoders and all the little shops. I could stay for a whole week - though my pocketbook would not be able to handle it all!

    Great work!


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