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Well, I made it to Indiana and back all in one piece. We had a couple hiccups on our way out that weren't so fun like the highway being completely shut down due to an accident and massive rainstorms and wind. But we made it, we had a blast as usual and I came home with more fabric - big shocker there :)

So, I have one last post for you on some of the quilts at the NQA Show and then (you'll be so proud of me) I took several pictures while in Indiana and I even have some from the program at the Quilt Festival to share (thanks Mom!)

 There were inventive color and shape combinations...
 pictorial quilts...
 I'm still not quite sure how she did this and how it laid so flat!!!
 Alright, I want to go play in this woman's stash for a while, don't you?
 There were some odd shaped quilts (how do you bind that?)
 And embellished quilts
 If you click on the picture above to make it larger, you can see all the detail she embroidered into each and every piece...
 And this one was really neat, looks great as is, right?
 She continued the applique design into the setting corners with her quilting... Now why didn't I think of that???
 And if you subscribe to any magazines I'm sure you've seen pictures of this one before, it's a while cloth with black fabric and colored thread - lots and lots and lots of thread. But it's gorgeous!

So that's the last from the NQA Show and I'll be back soon with pictures from Shipshewana and a few other stops we made on our way home...Now I'm off to play with a bug bunch of fabrics that just arrived for my next Moda Bake Shop project... Today is going to be a fun day. What are you planning for today?


  1. Thanks for the pictures. What beautiful quilts.

  2. Those quilts are just amazing I especially love the cube log cabin. I wish there was a pattern for that.


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