NQA Show Part 1

So, I survived the long day to the NQA Show! It was a wonderful show and for Mom and I, it was nice to go to a show and be a spectator/shopper rather than the seller for a change.

We had 2 buses of ladies, each with 45 women on it going down to the show. The bus had two stops, I met it at the first stop at 6:30 in the morning. We left there, gathered the last of the ladies at stop #2 and were on our way. It's roughly a 3 hour drive down to the show and the trip went without a hitch!

The vendors were wonderful, there was so much to look at like these:
 This gentleman was amazing! These were wooden ornaments that are all handmade. There were also some jewelry boxes and earrings and all sorts of stuff.
 And then there was the show, all sorts of quilts. I'm going to try and break this up into a few segments so today I'll show some of the quilts with thread painting and amazing details today.  This lion was huge and it was covered with sequins, beads and a bunch of other special touches.
 Look at the tiny rhinestones in the eyes and the quilting!
 This quilt amazed  amazes me to this day. I grew up drawing, I know how hard portraits are - but a portrait on a quilt with thread painting!!! I'm not quite sure who did this quilt but if they read this - You are my hero!!!
 Just look at that detail. It was even more striking in person... If you made it to the show I hope you saw this one, it was worth it!
 I know many people that are obsessed with english paper piecing. That or the diamonds and hexagons are still really popular. But could you even fathom this? I love all the color and texture you see.
 Look at how many colors and fabrics are in this quilt. Whoever did this must have had a ball! Oh, and the backing was bias strip appliqued to echo the quilting... it was magnificent!
 I love the colors in this quilt, the smaller leaves were quilted with metallic thread in several colors. I love the way it all works so well together.
And this one... do I really need to go on? This was called Ruffled Feathers and each individual feather was one piece if not several pieces... all fabric... and batiks at that... No wonder it got multiple ribbons...

So that's Part 1, I'll have more to show soon. I'm gathering some ideas from the next batch on how to quilt some upcoming projects and I'm sure you'll love them too.

Did any of you make it to the show??? What do you think of these spectacular quilts??? Let me know and I'll be back with more soon!

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