Things to remember...

Okie dokie, there's a few survival tips I would like to share for all of you lucky gals going off to Spring Market:
1. Wear really comfy shoes, trust me.
2. Bring a bottle of water, a big one.
3. Have a great time and most importantly...
4. Don't forget to stop by the United Notions Booth and see my quilt!!!
Yeppers, don't forget to stop by and give it some love. Charmed Living Casaba is being missed something major over here, but I know it will get some love in Salt Lake City.

And onto the latest updates around the studio...Well, I thought there were only 2 baby squirrels, I was wrong! There's 3 adorable furry angels living in my tree. I'd like you to meet:
 Squiggy, Squishy & Squirt. Seemed fitting for three crazy squirrel babies. Squiggy's the one front and center who decided to take a leap of faith out of the hole.
 I mean leap, he almost fell. Once he got his bearings and grabbed onto the tree here, he just froze for about 10 minutes trying to figure out how to get back home. He's so little!!! But he always has to be the most daring and attention grabbing. This one's going to be a trouble maker, that's for sure.
So Duncan and I sat and watched from inside to make sure Squiggy got home safe and sound (which he did thank goodness). I'm almost finished with the next quilt pattern which still has yet to be named... That's always the hardest part for me. I'm planning to quilt it soon and then I can show you more!!!

Well, have a great time at Spring Market if you're heading there, and if you're not (like me) may you be inspired by all that you may see on the internet in the coming days. Gotta get back to work so I have things to show you!!! Until next time!

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