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So, you've seen some pictures of the newest Charmed Living Series pattern, Charmed Living Tote. But you gotta look at these too:
 I loooovvvveeee this fabric, Basic Grey has outdone themselves again!!!
 Now, this is the smaller bag of the two, I'm in the process of making the larger one and I should have pictures soon to show you. It's going to be more like beach bag size and a little deeper...
 And this is Sciuridae... (Cy-ur-day) it's a smaller wall hanging or crib quilt with some spunk to it.
 I went and took these pictures in the woods between storms (we've had just about one storm every day for the last forever it seems). Even as I was taking these I could hear the thunder getting closer and closer...
 The good thing with all of the rain is everything is soooo green right now. The fields are the most beautiful emerald green and everything smells fresh. Sciuridae is a scrappy quilt that's Fat Quarter friendly. Included in the pattern will also be instructions for an optional pillow with the left over Flying Geese.
 The other good part of Spring in the woods is finding all sorts of tracks. I came across these deer tracks about 15 feet from where I hung the quilt and there's plenty more around.
 I love the woods, that is except for the bugs - little suckers. Yep, they got me a couple times, but I'll be more prepared next time. And maybe I won't be trying to avoid thunderstorms.
 The thing that gets me most is how there are overgrown spots that completely block out the sun... The woods are so magical.... And back to reality (focus)
 So, one last peek of the quilting on this version of Sciuridae.... I'm almost finished with the binding on the other one and I'll show you that version as well with the larger Charmed Living Tote.
 And my last little thing, my little Paco will be 11 this year and he's starting to show his age. I mean just look at those adorable (yet cloudy) eyes. We keep teasing soon he'll be like the Helen Keller of dogs. It's just a matter of time before he's blind and deaf...
And he's turning white in spots. Mostly around his face like most older dogs, but he's also getting this streak of white down his back...And this adorable white spot at the base of his tail! It cracks me up. We've been referring to him as our Silver Haired Fox... I'm not sure he appreciates that much...

So that's the latest goodies from around here. This week I'll be heading off to Shipshewana, IN again to work with the fabulous Moda at The Shipshewana Fabric Show! If you're a shop owner planning to attend I will be demoing the latest and greatest from the Moda Bake Shop and I'll have an array of my quilts there too including the two newest patterns. Also, Stars All Around featured in the June issue of American Patchwork and Quilting will be there too! Stop on by and say hi! I'd love to meet and chat with you!

Have a great holiday weekend and thank all of those who have served, whether it was decades ago or yesterday. Remember those we have lost and the families they left behind. And don't forget those who have volunteered to work in such an environment all across the world. Civilian Contractors help our soldiers and are the unsung heroes in troubled times. I am privileged to know and love two of them, one of which who is my Father-In-Law.
Tom, we love you and miss you and are counting down the days til you return. I believe we're now down to 9 or so days til he comes home for good, and I can't wait for that moment. My Hubbin and I as well as the rest of the family have been waiting for this moment for over 6 years now, and he's gonna get a warrior's welcome when he gets home. That I can be sure of.

Have a great weekend and we will chat again soon!

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