Feeling Fruity

And in more ways than one. But the exciting part is I get to show you my latest pattern:
 Meet Charmed Living Casaba!!! A Casaba I found out is an exotic type of melon that has two pointy ends and is a little thicker throughout the middle. Same as my melon quilt! I wanted to see more of a melon shape than you normally see, so Charmed Living Casaba it is!!!
 There's a spot in the quilt for some embroidery or personalization... (I marked this one with my initials which means I hope I get to keep it!)
I used the latest line from Miss Joanna Figueroa, Buttercup. It looks so wonderful in my sewing room and I can't wait to hang it in there!!!

This weekend you will be able to see the quilt at the Farmpark Vendor's Weekend in Kirtland, OH. And then this quilt as well as all of my other ones will be traveling with me to Shipshewana, IN for The Shipshewana Fabric Show at the beautiful Farmstead Inn. Unfortunately this show is only open to shop owners, but fortunately if you are a shop owner, you can stop by if you plan to attend and see all of my quilts in person (minus a couple).

As soon as I finish typing this blog I have to put the final touches on the pattern cover, but once I do it'll be sent to the printers and they should be ready to ship in about a week and a half.

And if you didn't catch on already this is a Charmed Living pattern, which means 2 lovely Charm Packs and border, binding, and backing will provide the necessities for this quilt. It finishes approx. 36" x 44", perfect for a wall hanging.

Let me know what you think, I can't wait to read your comments! It's gonna be a busy weekend so if we don't chat again, au revoir!


  1. a little thicker throughout the middle...exactly what happens once you turn 50:) casaba is so cute. i love how you left the one block open to personalize it. i can't wait to see it in person. will you be at farmpark on sunday?

  2. Soooo pretty-love the melons that can be personalized! A good project for a group. Know you will be FABULOUS next week!! xo

  3. Joyce, yes I will be there and so will CL Casaba!!! Can't wait to see you at the show!!!

  4. Once again, way toooooo cute. Can't wait to see it up close. Sg


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