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So, I know you're always supposed to save the best for last, but I can't wait that long!!! I had the most wonderful surprise today. There I am, reading one of my favorite blogs (Natalia Bonner at piecenquilt.com) and I see this picture of a magazine - mind you a magazine I held in my hands not 2 days ago - but I didn't turn it over!!! On the back of the magazine is an ad for the Moda Bake Shop complete with my Spun Sugar quilt on it!!!!!! Just looky here:
See my quilt?! It's the bottom row, second from the right!!! And to think I had the magazine in my precious paws but was trying to focus on all of the amazing fabrics at Lolly's that I just glimpsed and set it back down.

Worse part, I was going to take my own picture of it when I went to the store to get one...I went searching for it on my way home from work and no one in my town has it!!! How rude right?! But I digress, my LQS is ordering a bunch and they should be here soon, but if I find a copy beforehand I'm getting at least one of those too!! Okay, maybe really 5 or so, but you get the drift!!! This picture obviously has been borrowed by Natalia, head on over and say hi! to her.

So that was the rockin' part of my day which was completely unexpected because... I just got back into town late last night from SHIPSHEWANA!!! If you have heard about it, truly it is as adorable as it sounds. Each and every bit of it.

I had the awesome opportunity to travel out there with my incredible Momma to work at a Regional Fabric Show for Quilt Shop Owners. It was a blast and I had a ton of fun. Mom usually helps out with the fabric end at the glorious Moda booth, and I got to demo the awesome Sewline products. Plus I helped out with the United Notions (books and patterns), plus I got to promote the Moda Bake Shop and I had a bunch of my quilts there too!

Here's what my section of the space looked like:
So this is where I spent my day, my quilts and things in one corner and the United Notions things in the other.
The show was at the Farmstead Inn which is where we also stayed. It's a beautiful hotel, this wasn't the greatest picture but it was raining like a banshee!!!
The rooms are usually in the white areas you can see and are broken up by barns. The barn you see above is a dining area on one side and houses the pool on the other. The other barn is actually where the Convention Center is and where the show took place.

The nice things about charming little Amish communities like this is the atmosphere it creates, even on a blah rainy day. And the food couldn't get any better!!!

So preparing for the show, traveling, a little retail therapy, followed by the show and the drive home was pretty exhausting. I'm having flashbacks just typing about it now, so tonight I'm going to make some dinner, and then relax on my wonderful couch until I fall asleep which shouldn't take too long.

So that's how awesome and rockin' things have been around here. Tonight through tomorrow they're calling for 15+ inches of the white stuff, so even if the awesome and rockin' theme gets a little snow, I can stay in and quilt! Hope you have a wonderful day and let me know what you've been up to. I'd love to hear what makes your days awesome & rockin'!!!

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  1. That is awesome! I ran out to look for a copy of the magazine when I saw this on FB, but didn't find it. Tell your LQS I want a copy when they come it.


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