Just another day...

So I finally came up with a name for the new pattern (it's gonna be a surprise!) and the fabric finally came in so I should finish the quilt this week and get it off to the printers next week. Yay!

Last night I was working on starting the cover for the pattern when Duncan decided he needed to sit in my lap, as usual. I was able to get a snapshot of it and if this picture's not worth 1000+ words, I don't know what is:
 And then once he realized I was not going to quit working and was going to continue to disturb his peaceful slumber, he did this:
 I swear, he's insane, but I love him. Actually as I'm typing this he's attempting to sleep yet again on my arm and makes these pathetic moaning sounds every time I move or he gets annoyed enough. Owell.
And on other fronts, I think I have found the perfect fabric for the curtain tutorial. This is the lovely batik I found sitting on top of my dryer. I will try to hang the hardware and get the tutorial up as soon as I can. What do you think of the fabric, it's really prettier in person.

Getting lots of loose ends tied up here, I will be back soon to share it all with you!

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  1. This is all too much for Duncan, he can't figure out why you have to work so much and can't give him your undivided attention. I will be waiting for the unveiling of the new pattern.


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