Alright, remember all that gold I was mentioning in my last post? Well, there's a TON of it all over Paris. From doors and gates to statues and buildings and bridges. It's everywhere and it's very elegant. Not at all does it even remotely seem - dare I say - gaudy. It contrasts very well with the stone and iron and bronze. Well, why I don't I let you be the judge?

 This is a statue outside of the Opera entrance created specifically for Napoleon...
 This is the Dome Church where Napoleon's Tomb is located. That tower is covered in gold and stands tall overlooking a large part of the city.
 In the distance is the Grand Palais (or Grand Palace) and the bridge connecting the Grand Palais and the Dome Church is this bridge with 4 golden statues on pillars at each corner of the bridge.
 They're quite tall and large as you can see here.
 This is a detail on one side of the Louvre, just one of a gazillion and a half I swear...
 This is the Conciergerie I believe... either way it's in Paris and the gate is incredible!
 Many of the street lights are covered in gold details. This one is in the Place de la Concorde.
 Gold is everywhere, even in the Churches... this is in Notre Dame.
 A fountain also in Place de la Concorde, made famous by Marie Antionette.
 This is the Petite Palais (Small Palace) opposite the Grand Palais on the other side of the street.
 Bridges bridges bridges... the details. Sadly many details only seen by those on the river... If you go to Paris, definitely hop on a river cruise.
 The Opera House lit up at night... I love this building the most I think. It was so close to our hotel, it's so grand and yet I didn't know about it before we left. I think that's what drew me most to it was the fact it was unexpected...
And lastly (I know this has been long) a ceiling in the Louvre. Just one of many, like I said there's gold EVERYWHERE!!! But what do you think? Personally, not one bit gaudy. Oh, how Paris still amazes me!

Alright, two down, a few more to go. I hope you're enjoying this, I know I had a blast!

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