Double D's

And before you go on thinking you know the topic of this post - wrong!

This post is the first of pictures of Paris and I'm going to break them down into smaller segments. This one (Double D's) is for Details and Doors.

Kind of a weird combination you might be thinking, but when you see these photos, you'll know why I took so many pictures of doors with all of their detail:

(I will apologize now if this takes forever to load, but trust me it's worth it!)

 Most of these doors are right on the streets of Paris. The doors used to go in and out every single day... This one above however is in the Museum of Architecture....

 And this door here is the entrance to the Tomb of Napoleon. And yes that's gold, real gold. Below is the picture of the door itself.

 And both the photo above and below at at the Louvre. They're gorgeous as well, but in the eyes of Parisians, just the normal doors on the building.
What I got out of this and I hope you'll get a glimpse of as well is the details. And the fact that I feel that through the course of time we've lost sight of these details, figuratively and literally. Why is done just good enough? Why not strive to do your best and be your best? In everything we do? Will it be easy, no. Will it be rewarding, undoubtedly.

I hope to use many of these pictures as inspiration for future designs. I cannot tell you how gorgeous these were in person and if you couldn't tell by the pictures most of these doors are easily 10 feet high. love Love LOVE!!!!

Towards the end of the trip Hubbin was pointing out doors to me to see if I wanted to get pictures of them too. I know I went a little crazy, but how could you not love these?!

If you click on any of the photos it should make them larger so you can see all of the details. They're absolutely exquisite and I will treasure these photos for ages. I hope you liked them too!!!

Stay tuned for more Paris from the Sites to Food and Gold - lots of gold. It'll be a journey even if you never leave your computer!

Until next time!


  1. Wonderful,beautiful! So glad you enjoyed yourself & are home safely. xo

  2. I can see why you took pictures of these doors. They are magnificent! I agree we live so quickly now there are no details. Thank you for this glimpse of Paris...never been there and would love to go.

  3. I'm so jealous of your Paris trip! Also, I wanted to let you know I entered a table runner I made from your recipe into MBS's monthly contest! Here's my Flickr set of it! Seriously, I had a BLAST making it and might end up making another when I need a quick gift... :) Thank you for sharing it!


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