More Great News!!!!

Here's how my morning has gone so far:

Tried to go to work

Got about a mile from home and they closed down the road, so I turned around and went home.

Snowblowed the driveway and got my hair soaking wet in the process (wondered why I bothered drying it in the first place?)

Got back in the house and into warm dry clothes

Made a pot of coffee (yumminess)

Waited for Ben to get home from work

Checked my e-mails and that's when it happened:

My Charmed Living Casaba quilt will be hanging in the United Notions booth at Spring Market!!!!

So that's been my morning so far and it's only 8:40.

Can't wait to see how the rest of the day goes!!! Yipee!!!


  1. Well, except for the snow, the rest was all good news. I am sure the rest of the day will be filled with good surprises. Congratulations.

  2. So wonderful-makes getting up in the morning an adventure. Just one question from a non-quilter-What is Spring Market?

  3. How exciting!!! So happy for you.


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