A Hint of Spring

It was so wonderful here the past few days!!! The weather has been in the 50s, the sun has been shining, and with the new paint in my sewing room the other day the sun was coming in through the window and the whole room had this glow to it. Just look:
 This is a wonderful glass basket that was given to me that once we moved I couldn't find a home for it. Now it lives next to my sewing machine and catches all of the threads that come loose or need removed.

My hubbin and I also took advantage of the nice weather like a bunch of other homeowners/DIYers and went shopping yesterday. Hubbin was cleaning the grill and prepping it for the first time this year. When he lit it flames were shooting where they shouldn't be, and needless to say it was time for a new grill. And obviously some new fixtures, a cabinet, and other little odds and ends.
 So this morning we hung this double towel rod in our spare bathroom.
 We took the rod that was here and added it to our bathroom so both bathrooms now have two towel bars. I would have loved to get the same one and just add another to each, but we couldn't find it so a little patching was needed.
 Oh, and I hope they'll be alright but can you see them in this picture?
My daffodils are coming up already!!! It's only February! I hope they'll be okay. So far I've counted 39 of them. We'll see how many of them bloom and how long they last in the constant battle of daffodils v. weed whacker.
And I know I posted about this a while back, but this is the light that we put into our bedroom to switch out with the "mushroom" style 1980's looking light we had. It's so much more chic and it took awhile to get a picture because we had a little trouble with lights. First lights we bought were too tall, the second set of lights were LEDs that are supposed to be equal to this one - they're not.. And lastly, these lights are just perfect. The bubbled glass and the antique bronze fit well with our red paint and dark cherry furniture. Best of all I LOVE IT!!!

So now that we've done all of that, installed a curved shower curtain rod (very worth it), started our Spring Yard Cleaning, and put the new grill together and tested it out, I'm exhausted. But I plan on relaxing and finishing some bindings while I watch some movies. I hope you all had a nice weekend and I will chat with you later!!! Since I did so much work around the house this weekend I plan on quilting up a storm this week, especially since winter's about to hit again tonight and most of the week. Toodles!!!

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