I Blinked

That's all it took. I blinked and the whole weekend disappeared. I don't know how that happens, but it does.

The good news is the patterns are on their way to Moda, so if any of you have ordered them, they should be shipping this week!!! And I got some other errands done that had been on my plate. So all in all it was a productive weekend.

I know I promised you pictures, but by the time I stopped all the running around and got home I sat on my couch and was out in a matter of minutes. Honest.
 So, I know Christmas is over, and the new Christmas fabric isn't out yet (it's close though!) but I loved Fruitcake by Basic Grey and I had to do something with it, and better yet something to stay at my house and live here.
 I tried some new quilting patterns on it which was fun and challenging which is always good. I get bored too easily by doing the same thing over and over.
Here's a wider shot of the types of quilting and fabrics. This still is yet to be named, but I will keep you posted. It's the next Charmed Living pattern and I hope to release it in the next few weeks. Now if it only had a name. Got any ideas???

Gotta go cook dinner, healthy burgers and fries, yummo! See you later!

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  1. We can all use a little Merry Christmas all year long. Beautiful fabric and quilt.


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