Playing in the Snow!!!

So, I needed some snow to take pictures with my cousins when they were home for Christmas and it all melted. And it didn't snow while they were home. A new weather front just moved in an finally we got snow, and the prettiest kind - the fluffy stuff!

 It's not so great to drive in since it is so fluffy it makes everything really slippery, but it's just so gorgeous! And it was the first time this winter there's been just enough snow that Duncan and I could go out and play.
 I mean, with a face like that, how you can you say no to him living it up in the cold snow? Just add another layer, besides I laugh so much that I don't even realize how cold it is, until we come inside. Then it's time for a hot cup of cocoa and my pink slippers.
Here is the sewing room all painted and wonderful. I also rearranged the furniture and it makes the room seem so much larger now. 
This was the room before (right after I finished Starbox, click on the link to learn more about this pattern) and like the rest of our house it was painted builder beige. I really don't have anything against neutrals, but a whole house of beige was starting to get to me. It's incredible how much brighter the room is already with a splash of color.

I'm on the hunt currently for the perfect window treatment and the right light (still) to make this room sparkle! This is the only "girly" room in the house so I'm living it up. Once it gets back in working order I should have another pattern in the works.

But in the meantime I do have another Moda Bake Shop project coming up soon. Once I know the date to expect it I will share it with you here. I'm also working on some other small house projects and planning for the outdoor projects once the snow melts.

Oh, and I almost forgot! The Hubbin and I just booked a stay in Paris!!! I'm so excited I don't even know where to start! I'm sure a quilt or two will be designed from inspiration gathered in France. I will definitely show pictures of that once we return, but we're not leaving for awhile now.

There's so much going on my head keeps spinning trying to keep it all under control! I know I've forgotten to tell you something, but we'll just chat again next time!

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  1. Just wanted to say that I used your Bakeshop recipe and made 2 quilts for christmas presents! Thanks! I blogged about them a few days ago. : )


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