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They're ready! The second pattern is ready and should be at Cottonpicker's Quilt Shop tomorrow, or later today I should say. It's late but I wanted to tell you before I finished my day. I would like to introduce you to Starbox. I cannot get enough of this pattern and I can't wait to have the quilt in my hot little hands while the weather is still cold. This is definitely my quilt, no little puppy dog of mine is gonna steal it from me! Or husband for that matter! :]

Starbox is compromised of stretched stars that interlock. I made my quilt of scrappy Civil War Reproduction fabrics. There are medium and dark stars, the medium all stretch one direction while the dark stretch another. I'm thinking of redoing this pattern for a color option with black and white stars with a teal-ish blue background. Once I get the color option done, I'll be sure to post a picture or two of it here.

I had a hard time naming this quilt. My aunt and I got together and brainstormed and messed around on the online thesaurus for awhile before she came up with Starbox. Thanks Aunt Kathy, I couldn't have done it without you. Otherwise at this point it would still be Quilt #2.

Also I have to send a huge thank you to Linda Bennett of Moosetracks Custom Machine Quilting. Linda is a doll and an amazing quilter. I have dabbled in longarm quilting and I could only aspire to be half as good as she is. She has a gift to read a quilt and see how a pattern or quilting design can not only enhance but bring life into it. To this day, the quilting mesmerizes me and I just run my hand over the quilt and basically "pet" it.

The pictures here we taken at the park at the end of my street. It's right on the lake and one day on my way home I knew the weather was perfect. My hubby and I loaded the quilt and the camera up and went to the beach in the freezing cold as usual (we've been to the beach several times, only one of which I believe it was above 50 degrees). The setting couldn't have been more perfect if I staged it. I love these pictures and plan on framing a few for my sewing room. Once the snow and ice melt, I can guarantee many more quilts will be pictured in the same park as well.

As promised, the third pattern should be out soon as well. I just did a photo shoot yesterday and I cannot even begin to tell you how adorable this quilt is. The photos were perfect and I will show you another sneek peek once it heads off to the printers.

Well, I think it's late enough. I hope you enjoy the photos and if you would like more information on this or any other pattern, please feel free to leave me a comment or e-mail me at rubybluequilts . gmail . com. Til next time!


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  1. UUUMMMM, I will be stealing this quilt eventually.....and all the pics you used were ones that I thought of, told you I had a photographic eye for greatness. J/K. Love you.


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