Weird Day

Since we last spoke, a ton of weird things have happened. I'm not usually the superstitious type, but I am blaming a good portion of the last couple days on the full moon.

Unfortunately literally minutes after the last post Duncan started acting - well, weird. He was really restless and everytime he relaxed he'd jump up and spin around and make a really high pitched yip. To spare you the gory tale, basically upon further inspection of his little self, I noticed Duncan actually had a hole - one that was not there before and I'm sure was not supposed to be there.

The poor little guy had a scent gland burst. Basically the vet said that they have scent glands that aren't necessary and on little guys like him they can clog and burst. I had no idea, I felt so bad. So now he's on two different antibiotics for two weeks and then he'll get checked out to make sure there's no other infections or issues and now we have to make a monthly trip to the vet to check his glands so this won't happen again. The poor guy - they said once these problems start happening, the scar tissue from it actually makes it worse so that's why we now will have a monthly check up with the vet. It could be worse or atleast that's what I keep telling myself.

The antibiotics and I'm sure the fact that a gland burst pretty much wore him out for the last few days. Today he has been the most "back to normal" that I've noticed so far. I didn't realize until about an hour ago that for the last 2 days he has not once barked at the TV. Obviously he's feeling better now - he's been very vocal tonight. But for the most part he's been sleeping in his cage from when he was a puppy. He always sleeps in here when he doesn't feel good.

Besides that, I have had several "very concerned" politicians call my house, their representatives have knocked on my door all hours of the day, and the other night I had a telemarketer call me at 10:15 pm. That's right 10:15 pm for a telemarketer! I was FURIOUS! But I almost feel bad for the guy that called, I have no idea what he was calling for. The conversations went a little like this:

(Meanwhile I was so tired I fell asleep on the couch and was OUT. Completely dead asleep)
Phone rings, I think it might be my Hubbin calling to remind me of something...anything but what was about to happen, I answer, very groggy. I hear "Hi, I'm calling to ask you a few short questions for our survey?"
I respond "WHAT?! You've got to be kidding me. It's after ten o'clock. You can't call here that late at night for a survey, ARE YOU CRAZY?!"
"I'm very sorry Miss, would you like to speak to a Manager?"
"No, I want to go back to sleep! How about you take me off your list?"
"Will do Miss, sorry for the call."

It didn't matter that he apologized (alright it did, it really helped a little, but it's the principle of the matter) but he obviously had not been told that old saying 'Don't wake a sleeping bear'. That night I was that sleeping bear and would have been much happier to stay sleeping, but now I've vented and I feel better. If you are or know a telemarketer, I'm sorry, I know it a job and it pays the bills, but seriously, after 10 pm?! Some of us actually sleep at night (or try to) and have to get up way too early in the morning.

Hopefully that's all of the weirdness I have to report on this end (that I know of atleast) and I am hoping to get a bunch of sewing done this weekend. I have many Christmas presents to get ready and an actual quilt project or two...

I'm doing the final revisions on the next pattern and it should be gracing store pattern racks soon! I'll keep you updated on the progress. Well, time to go give Duncan yet another dose of antibiotics and give Paco his own little bite of lunch meat minus the pills so he doesn't feel left out. Until next time!


  1. I'm not sleeping at that time, actually my day has just started. - Hubbin

  2. Oh poor Duncan. So sad. Hope he is feeling better soon.


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