Binding binding binding...

I just quilted the Moda Bake Shop project on Sunday and I love it! I wanted to walk you through what happens as I take a day to quilt so here goes:

I start out by going to my parent's house (the long arm is there) and pass by this old barn right by their house. I have been meaning to take pictures of it for years and it's looked like this for as long as I can remember. The one side is so bowed and with the heavy snow we get each year (we live in the infamous "Snow Belt") you never know if this will be the last year it will stand. The skies were perfect and the leaves were changing so I decided to actually stop and take some photos this time. It's like a little weathered trinket in our small farm town.

There was a large farm house near this barn years ago, but Mother Nature got to it a long time ago, but the barn's still standing!
Then I head over to the house and get greeted by the welcoming committee - Meet Hershey
Miss Abby Sue
And Tucker (he and I have a love/hate relationship)
Once I get through the barking and drooling and tail wagging and dog hair, I get into the quilting room and crank the music and "do my thing". Unfortunately I cannot show you much of what I was working on because you'll see it in about a month or so, but here's a sneak peek. This is once I finished quilting and was in the process of taking the quilt of the machine and the sun was setting behind the house.
I love this photo. It made a long day of quilting so worth it. So now I am working on binding this quilt and hopefully finishing it all up and like I said, hopefully it should be on the Moda Bake Shop next month.

That was my weekend, what have you been up to?


  1. Love the photo. Hate that the shadows somewhat obscure the pattern and colors for me. I am so curious!

    How wonderful to have access to a longarm machine!

  2. I love your welcome committee!

    And that is so nice that you can run over to mom's and use the long arm.


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