Happy Sweetest Day!

Some of you might be asking 'What is Sweetest Day?', well, in Ohio - more specifically Cleveland - the story goes that back about 100 years ago or so a few confectioners and Hallmark Card Co. got together to create this holiday to promote giving and wellness and sell some of their products too. I know many people who have never heard of it before, but this is your chance - you now know and can do something a little extra sweet for your "Sweet" and surprise them today.

Still don't believe that it's real? Here's a link to the Wikipedia entry on it - just click here. Many people around town know all about it but refuse to give in because it is really a "Hallmark Holiday", but my Hubbin surprised me early. Last night when I got home from work, these were sitting on the table for me. Isn't he the sweetest?! Hahaha - get it? Sorry, back on track.

Alright on to other news, this is the only thing quilting wise that I got done this week that I can show you...
I am debating on not adding the pieced border onto the Topper, but it still might get it if I decide to add it. And I'm not sure if the Runner will get the ending borders either. I like to give you options and there's no rule saying that you have to add the borders or you have to do this (insert pattern step here). This is quilting which is great because you ALWAYS have the option to make it your own. Just remember if you do make one of my patterns and send me a picture of it I will proudly show it here!

I might be painting the sewing room this weekend so I'm not planning on much sewing getting accomplished. It might happen depending on time, but we'll see. Once I get it painted I will show you pictures of that too. Until next time!

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