Lazy Day...Kinda

It has been a long, hot and sticky week here with hardly any rain in weeks and the humidity levels and temperatures well above normal. I can assure you, the only time I have to tolerate the heat is when it is this humid. It's a huge detriment to all motivation and ideas of progress. But, it does bring good things too I must admit, like flowers!
A couple days ago I woke up to see this just outside my door

This morning it looked like this

And just a few minutes ago there were all of these beauties decorating my landscape. If you couldn't tell, I just love Stargazer Lilies. This is the first time I have been able to plant them at my home and I'm now thinking of planting more bulbs this fall.

So besides the flowers finally making an appearance, the rest of the week has been slower-ish. Just too hot to do anything but stay inside and keep cool. I worked on another Charmed Living Runner today out of Christmas fabrics. I have the blocks done, once I get the top finished I will post it on here. And once that is done I have a few other projects that need final touches made to them and they will be ready to quilt.

Nothing much else going on here up by the lake, just got caught up on other goodies like paperwork (yay) and relaxing. What have you been up to?


  1. Hello there.
    I am often bitten by the disease known as " blog hopping !" And I have just spent a happy while having a look at your lovely work. Just gorgeous.
    I keep wanting to dip my toe into the quilting world and you are certainly inspiring. I shall be following you from now on!
    Kindest Regards Linda

  2. I bet the scent is awesome!!Beautiful!

  3. Bet the scent is wonderful! Absolutely beautiful!


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