Pinch me!

If you haven't seen it yet, as of this morning, my Charmed Living Runner pattern was featured on Moda's Bake Shop (modabakeshop.com) and I still cannot believe it's real! I put in a lot of really hard work and took a giant leap of faith and I have to say I'm pretty proud of myself for that.

Well for more show and tell, here is another version of the same runner I made using Deb Strain's Winter Song Charm Pack from last year. This line only had 32 pieces in it, so I only had enough pieces for the center of the runner. I had some additional coordinating fabrics that I used to mimic the "border" effect and I love this one. I have made four of these runners now and each time I make one it's automatically my new favorite.

Here's a picture I took with all four of the runners made and by each other. Each one has been made exactly the same as the others (except the applique and the borders on the Christmas one as explained above), but they all look totally different, even when they are right next to each other. See what I mean about diversity in this pattern?

My flowers are still blooming like crazy, almost all of them have opened up by now. Only a few stragglers in the bunch still exist. I just love being able to go outside and enjoy them whenever I get the chance. I try and make it quick outside in the last couple of days though, the humidity here is astounding. It can definitely knock you off of your feet if you stay out in it too long.

That gives me more time to stay inside and quilt though. So maybe humidity is a blessing in disguise. I have made the Christmas Charmed Living Runner and this Memo Board using a Martinique Charm Pack so far this week. I'm getting ready to finish up some other UFOs now that I have my supplies. I was almost out of thread, it could have been a major catastrophe! I got the pattern for the Memo Board I made off of the Moda Bake Shop as well. Great ideas are plentiful on there for all shapes and sizes of precut fabrics. See my cone of thread, that's all that is left on it after 3000 yards. We've been quilting like crazy here, I needed to get more so I could proceed.

Tonight the hubbin and I are off to dinner with the family, but between now and then maybe I can get some borders added to the flannel version of Skip to My Lou so I will have more show and tell for you shortly. Tata for now, but I will be back shortly with more goodies to show you.


  1. I am now following you because of that Moda Bake shop posting. And you deserve it! It is awesome! I even sent it to some online friends. Keep creating!

  2. Congrats!!! You sew go girl!! Glad to be one of the early fans. Sandy G.

  3. Beautiful tablerunner! I definitely will make this one, cannot find the applique flower pattern! I love patchwork and applique!!! Jsut makes the pattern Great job. Bonnie Nyquist bonniesline at aol dot com

  4. Love your runner. I think I will be it on my project list...Congrats on teaming up with Moda!

  5. Bonnie, sorry the applique part didn't work out right, trying to fix the problem as we speak. I will e-mail you the applique later once I get home! Thanks!

  6. I check Moda Bake Shop nonstop. I just saw your table runner..oh my goodness..I LOVE table runners and table squares of all sorts, but this one is one of the prettiest and I can't wait to make one..or six. Beautiful.

  7. Becky, Congrats to one Wildwood Quilter from another. I'm gonna have to up my game for the next Lakefarm Parks Show!

  8. Consider yourself pinched! I love the runner and each one is cuter than the next. I'm glad it was printer friendly so I could just hit that button on my printer and run mine off.
    I have scraps from so many quilts that I did recently so I'm going to try and make a few.
    Thank you and congratulations!!!
    Peggy in NJ


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