I swear I had the best of intentions today and did manage to get a ton of stuff done which was great. But... I did not finish the top of the flannel Skip to My Lou. Sadly I have not even finished the blocks yet. I might try again here in a little bit (I only have maybe 15 blocks that need one seam and they're done!).

I love my sewing machine, I really do. But it had a temper tantrum a few months ago and had to go to the doctors because it started sewing on it's own (obviously I wasn't paying enough attention to it or something!) and it got a good cleaning (which it needed desperately) and life has been good since...til today. It started acting up again, the last time it did this it wouldn't do it when my husband was watching so I might try again when he's up in a little bit. We'll see, I hope it was just a fluke and it's on to doing what I want it to do, otherwise all the sewing I had in mind and finishing this quilt top went right out the window. (Sigh...)

But, I am getting ready to send the next pattern, Charmed Living Runner, to the printers so here is a preview for you.

I did a photo shoot for this pattern last week and none of the pictures really did it for me. I started rethinking of how to do it and it turned out awesome. I really wanted to leave it set up because it worked so well, but that wasn't going to work unfortunately. So then since that went so well I went to go get some gorgeous flowers to use as props in the next photo shoot of the color option.

It has a simple applique embellishment on each end that is completely optional whether you would like to do it or not. This version is really bright and springy, just perfect for the weather we were having today. Just add humidity in there and you're all set!

Now the flowers are done with their original purpose so they've been trimmed and set into one of my favorite coffee mugs that is cracked so can't be used for hot stuff any more and are gracing my desk top. It's just nice to have some pretty flowers in the house. None of mine outside have bloomed yet, but it's just around the corner. There are small buds on each plant and I cannot wait to have beautiful Stargazer Lilies right outside my door!

I'm going to go try and see if the sewing machine will behave itself and try to finish those blocks so I can at least get the top laid out tonight, wish me luck! Take care and I will keep you updated once the new patterns are ready as well as how the new version of Skip to My Lou turns out.


  1. I think your sewing machine is trying to tell you to spend more time with me!!!!!!! - Hubbin

  2. Will Skip to my Lou be in the shop for show & feel? Can't wait to see it. Sandy

  3. The original Skip to My Lou is currently at the shop for "show & feel' and hopefully tuesday the flannel version will make an appearance as well. Thanks Sandy!


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