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I hope you all had a great weekend. It turned out to be pretty nice here considering they were originally calling for thunderstorms all weekend and I don't believe it has rained yet...(keeping my fingers crossed!) I started sewing today on a new version of Skip to My Lou out of flannels, and I love it! I know what you may be thinking, I am too. It is hot and humid and I am making a flannel quilt, crazy I know. I got pretty far today but I'm hoping in a couple days I will have a top to show you. I think you're gonna love it too! It's scrappier than the original and I was thinking of some applique embellishments, they're still being planned out.

Okay onto the whole philosophy thing. I have been contemplating a lot lately with a ton of things going on and I wanted to share with you how my brain works and how I create what I do. As you can probably tell, my quilt patterns are a little bit of everything for every skill level. They're a twist on the traditional and come in all colors and sizes. I believe that a quilt should not be limited to such small possibilities.

If you take one of my patterns, like Skip to My Lou for instance, the original works well for a young lady with flowers and the mixture of colors influenced by the main fabric. The latest version I'm working on with flannels will work well for the guy in your life be it your husband, brother, or son. But if you decided to make it using a child's novelty print, it would showcase it beautifully and be the perfect size for a child's bed.

I really like a quilt to be able to transform with the fabrics chosen for it. It's so incredible how the personality of a quilt can change with the simple adjustment of the fabrics. I try to design all of my quilts with this concept in mind so any pattern can be made in 2 or 9 completely different styles.

I hope you all are enjoying my designs as much as I have enjoyed creating them. Please feel free to e-mail me any time with show-and-tell of your versions of my designs and I will be sure to post them on the blog.

Well, I hope you enjoyed the weekend and I will post hopefully on Tuesday the pictures of the latest version of Skip to My Lou. Pray for a speedy and accurate stitch, and I should be sure to deliver. I cannot wait to show it to you! Chat again soon!

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