Flannels and 90 degree weather...

So, to update you on the whole sewing machine ordeal, it's just fine and dandy now. It went to get fixed and that must have been all it needed because it was working fine as soon as we got there. Don't you love it when something needs fixed but as soon as you go to show someone what it's doing it stops?! But now I know what to do to fine tune what the issue might be should it ever arise again. Hopefully not.

Since the sewing machine is now back in working order, I was able to finish the Flannel version of Skip to My Lou. I'm going to add a border or two, but I'm thinking this might look wonderful on my bed and I want to make sure I get the right drop on the sides. I'm going to measure it tonight and figure out what and how much I'll need to get that done.

As crazy as it may sound, I was considering putting a flannel backing on this quilt but to compensate for the extra weight and warmth, I was thinking of using a low loft batting. It's still a work in progress as I said before and I'll keep you updated on how it turns out. It's a mystery to us all...

On a little side note I have to show you some adorable pictures of my little man Duncan. When he's not helping me in the "office", he's been keeping track of the bunny that has decided our yard is the best on the block. I have seen it everyday for the last two weeks except today, but there's still time left today for him to make an appearance. The one day it was relaxing in the sun right outside the front window and when I looked over this is what I saw.

Duncan was practically teetering on the window ledge trying to get as close as possible to his new friend. Cracked me up for a minute, but then I had to try and get him down safely.

That's pretty much all of the excitement we had around here this week, nothing too crazy I guess. Might start another project today, or I might wait til tomorrow and read some of my book tonight. I think that sounds like a good plan. Start a new week and a new project tomorrow on a fresh note. Well, hope you all had a great weekend, what's your plan for the week?

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