Post Holiday-ness

I love holidays except for the fact that they always tend to screw up my schedule and then when I think I finally am back to normal it's usually Monday again. Double yuck! I can't complain too much, when you tend to work crazy hours and many many days, Mondays sometimes are just another day. They all blend in together. But when the dog gets you up at 5:06 on a Monday, it's definitely a Monday!

Today is turning out to be not so bad even though Mr. Paco decided to be an early alarm clock - UUUugggghhhh! After work I'm going to get more fabric to continue on with my current project. It's still the same one I told you about that I said was not for the wimpy. Well, to make it even more involved/creative I've decided to add some applique to the borders. I promise you, you're gonna love it when it's done. (Whenever that may be...)

I've been busy all across the board lately. And like I said earlier - throw a holiday in the middle of it and call it a party! I was able to see some relatives over the weekend but mainly got more quilting and work done. Yay for that. I've been doing some pretty involved computer work that's a long drawn out process, but it's almost over so it's been moved to #1 on the to-do list and once it's done hopefully I can quilt more.

I'm just trying to tie up some loose ends for right now and I hope to have another pattern out here shortly. I really just need to take photos and finish the cover and it's ready to go. Hopefully this week weather and schedules will work out to where I can get all of that done.

After that I think I have a few more that just need to be quilted and bound to get through the next stage, so here's to hoping for a very productive June! Sorry I don't have much more to talk about. But there's always next time. Well, hope you're also having a fun and productive time. If you ever want to send me pictures of your finished projects, feel free to e-mail them to me at RubyBlueQuilts@Gmail.com and I will be sure to post them here on the blog. Take care and we'll chat again soon!

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  1. Looks like a new layout- very nice. Hope the gardening is going well also. You sure are a busy lady!


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