What a Day!

Alright, where to start?! Well, I did paint my kitchen and dining room today with the help of my wonderful and gracious hubbin (cheesy enough?) and it looks AWESOME! I'm not going through shock or wondering if I picked the right color, it honestly feels like this is the way it was supposed to be and I feel as if it's been like this since we moved in almost a year ago. It couldn't be more perfect.

It was slightly challenging due to the window cut-outs in a really tall wall that goes almost up to the peak of the house. Love the design, wasn't sure how we were going to get up there without either (A) hurting ourselves in the process or (B) or just not painting it and having an 80% painted room. But alas, a few not so recommended techniques and 1 gallon of paint later and it's done. Love it.

Now the other challenge is moving the desk and computer to the corner of the dining room so I can work a little more efficiently, or so I hope! That will hopefully happen this weekend and we will be back in business.

So needless to say, that was the big-ish part of the day. The other really good part of the day I cannot tell you about yet, but I will in time. After painting like mad today I have not been able to sew but it's getting there. This project was a large hurdle I wanted to get out of the way and now besides partying with family and "relaxing" ;] we will sew up a storm and have more pictures for you, but for now this is it.

Take care and have a great and wonderful holiday weekend. Stay safe and enjoy!


  1. More like wonderful, gracious, amazing, stayed up until it was finished even though I had worked hard throughout the night hubbin - hubbin

  2. Looks wonderful! I was just imagining Ben up on a ladder,painting! ha-ha! Bobbie/Mom


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