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It's official that the Charmed Living Runner patterns are near completion and will be ready to ship on Tuesday, June 29th. This has been one of my all time favorite patterns so far and I think even before this year is out I will probably have made at least 7 of them. They're so easy and it works well with any fabric. I know I'll be making one or two for Christmas (since the fabric is out I have to do something with it!) and maybe a few others to use here at home. Maybe a gift or two... we'll see.

Oh, that reminds me, I wanted to share with you my newest favorite saying. Not that it pertains to all of us, but let me tell you in certain aspects of my life and many of my friends I know it's just perfect. So the line I heard was - I'm working on my procrastination issues, just you wait and see! Love it! Made me giggle and okay, now back to the pattern.

So here's how this pattern came to be. Just after I had released the first Charmed Living pattern (Charmed Living Topper - read more about it here), it was such a hit the ladies started asking me what else you could make out of Charm Packs. I replied with the poise and grace that I seem to be known for (insert laugh here) "Uuuummmmmm, (big pause) I don't have anything else drawn up, but I'll come up with something." I couldn't believe that with all of the other patterns I had been working on and drawing up that I neglected to include another featuring Charm Packs. How did this happen?!

Shortly after this conversation had taken place, I attended one of the last local quilt shows for the season and found the coveted fabric I was searching for. I had fallen in love with French General's Rouenerries line since I first saw it, I just hadn't been able to get my hands on it until this show. I took it home and spent that evening brainstorming what to do with my latest purchase. After a couple of hours and nothing to show for it productivity wise, a small chat with my Mom was all I needed to refocus and relax a bit.

Once off the phone I glanced over to the pillow I had made of scraps from my Hubbin's quilt and remembered how I would like to take it and make a quilt pattern based on it. Half an hour later, the quilt was drawn out, designed, and all the math was done, I just needed to make it now.
I was so elated that I started cutting and sewing the next day. I liked it so much that I thought another version done in completely different fabric would be nice. I made this second runner using Eden from Lila Tueller. And with it having that spring-time feel to it, why not add an applique design? Before you know it, two runners were made, both completely different, but made using the same pattern. The diversity in this pattern is so great, it will work with any fabrics you choose and look tremendous! You can either choose to do the applique embellishment (the instructions are included in the pattern) or leave it out. Or feel free to change it up to match the fabrics you are using. Snowflakes for winter, leaves for fall, whatever you choose.

Also, this pattern is great for gifts. I love to make gifts for friends, but sometimes my taste in fabric and theirs are totally different. If I have to make a big quilt and pick the fabrics, that's one thing. If I have to make it all myself, I might not enjoy it as much because I don't like the fabric. With this pick a Charm Pack that suits your friend, the choosing of multiple fabrics is done for you, and since it's a table runner it'll go fast and they will love it!

Let me know what you think of this design, as I said I'm sure you will be seeing more of it in the near future. I have one already cut out and another shortly behind it in the to do list. Also, If you make this design and e-mail me a picture of it I will post it here on the blog. I love to see show and tell! Well, thanks for chatting and now I need to go sew. Yeppers, another runner. They're addicting, I'm warning you. Until next time!

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  1. I am amazed how things progress, that you can make a few calculations and end up with a quilt. You'll have to explain it to me someday.


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