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I was able to sew on Sunday and man, did it feel GOOD! Somehow life just has it's way of jumping to the top of the to-do-list and sewing gets put down another notch. I wasn't able to sew as much as I had hoped, but with good reason.

My hubbin started mowing the lawn and stopped to grab his iPod. He couldn't get the mower started again and noticed the oil was low (bone dry really - ooopppsss!). He put more oil in it and it wasn't pretty. In all actuality the mower was ancient, it had to be about 15 years old or so. It had a good life and since maybe only a quarter of our yard was actually mowed, off to the home store we went.

I put up a slight fight. I was determined that he 'sabotaged' the mower just so he could get a new one and how dare he ruin my day of sewing. But a lunch later and two gallons of paint to paint the kitchen, we really did have a nice day and now I can't wait to paint my kitchen. Thursday I am hoping to get it all done and I swear I will take pictures of that too.

So, no pictures for now. I did get a lot more sewing done today, my project is coming along and I hope to have the top done this weekend. All I can say about this quilt is it is definitely not for the wimpy. It has a ton of small pieces, but it is turning out beautifully! Slow and steady is winning the race.

I will take pictures of everything I've been up to this week and post them later. Hope everyone else is enjoying the nice warm weather and getting covered in threads when you get the chance! Chat more soon!

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