My Sewing Day - Yay!

Here I am, home and not at market, but that's okay. I would have loved to have been at market this year to see everything new and exciting, but I have this thing called work that got in the way. But it's working to my advantage in a way. I worked really hard all week and now to day the only things that I have to do is cook dinner (easy), do laundry (easy) and sew (the best part!).

I'm really looking forward to sewing today. Every time during the past week or so that I would set aside and say 'If i get all this done now then I can spend all of this time sewing' and then I'd get all of the other stuff done and as soon as I go to sew it'd be storming or the power would go out. Hopefully that's not going to happen today.

What else, that's pretty much it lately. I'm hoping to spend some time with my family over Memorial Day weekend and enjoy the unofficial start to summer. Maybe then I can actually get my garden started as well. My hubbin and I went and looked at plants the other day, but are still trying to decide which will get the glory of gracing my landscape. I think I have found 80% of the plants I would like. Still undecided on the other 20% or so. It'll be a work on progress I'm sure like every other garden and home project known to man.

Well, breakfast shoould be ready here momentarily and like I mentioned before, my sewing room is waiting for a sweat shop like day to begin. I can't wait and I hope to post pictures of all I accomplish today. Have a great rest of the weekend and we'll chat again soon!

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  1. It is always fun to spend a day fulfilling your heart's delight. Can't wait to see the flower beds!


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