Another Cold Spring Day

I have been enjoying today as much as I'd like to think if it were sunny and warm. I admit I am a freezer queen and I, most of the time, could be a little warmer, but I do like days like today. I think a big part of it is my favorite fleece pants that are going to be packed away for the summer and you get to enjoy and use quilts. Needless to say it's been a pajama day and every once in awhile it's a good thing for it to be cold outside so you can stay in and relax and get other things done. I can flat out tell you now that if it were warmer today I wouldn't have gotten nearly half of what I did accomplish today done because I would have been fretting over 'Should I work outside or stay in?' And in the process nothing would have gotten done.

But, it was colder and I have gotten so much computer work done today it's ridiculous. Gotta love it. Unfortunately not as much sewing was done as I would have hoped, but I'm choosing my battles wisely and if I get all of this done today, then on Tuesday I can spend the whole day sewing again! See how it works?!

I promised you in the last post that I would show you pictures of my 'Red Quilt'. Well, here it is all finished except for I think one thread that stills needs to be buried. I always forget about it until I take a picture of the quilt and it's right in the middle staring back at me. I'll get it eventually. I collected these fabrics over probably about 6 years: a half yard there, a quarter yard here. The funniest part of it was, I liked some fabrics so much I got them twice if not three times. I came up with this scrappy-ish design and just put it together. I honestly could not tell you my rhyme or reason for putting it together looking back, but in the future I can guarantee that it's the inspiration for a new pattern. Just trying to decide which fabrics I'd like to use in the new pattern.

What else do I have to tell you? Thinking, thinking, thinking...Well, progress is currently being made on the latest Charm Pack Pattern Design, I don't quite have a name for it yet, but it'll get one soon. Usually once they pattern has been made I have an easier time naming it. What else, I feel like I had alot to tell you, and my mind went blank.

It must be the spring weather that's given me a rejuvenation on certain things. My Japanese Maple tree that I planted last fall is growing like mad, and the Stargazer Lily bulbs that also went in the ground last fall are coming up as well! I wasn't expecting them for another month or so, but everything seems to be blooming early this year. I'm planning on expanding and actually having a true flower bed in the front of the house, but we're slowing working on it and planning exactly which plants I want to put in where. It's exciting and I can't wait to start working on it. But I have plenty of quilting to get done first!

Well, I'm going to go relax and enjoy myself a glass of wine and maybe read a little of my book. Oh, that's what else! I'm reading the Benni Harper Murder Mystery series from Earlene Fowler. I can't get enough of them, but between everything else, I try to read a few minutes here and there. If you see them you should read them! And I heard the latest in the series was released last week. Oh, which also reminds me that the other series I'm reading is the series by Jodi Barrows about her family's history. Very good, but I've been in suspense for months now. I read the first three books and the fourth was supposed to come out last year and it got postponed and postponed again but I'm hoping with Market in a couple weeks she'll have it by then. I'll let you know, but you should really check them both out!

Okay, back to that glass of wine, I hear it calling my name...


  1. Love the quilt! Could I commission you to make me a Vera-like bag? Perhaps in a new pattern of your's? Love the beginning flower beds- call me if you need some help or some BlackEyed Susans. They are spreading like wildfire here!! xo

  2. Hooray for Stargazer Lilies! And I absolutely love the Red Quilt!! Have a glass of wine for me :-) And enjoy the cool weather for me too!!


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