Snowed In

My Husband is loving this weather right now, I on the other hand, not so much. We're not that bad here in Madison, but a few miles south, my poor parents had about 18" of snow already and the forcast was calling for an additional 6"-9" today and snow everyday for the next forever.

My puppies are as torn about the weather as my Husband and I. Paco is definitely my baby because we both freeze and we are constantly hogging all of the blankets and quilts in the house. Duncan loves the snow like his father and loves to play in it every chance he gets.

If you can believe it, this small little dog stole all of these blankets by himself, makes his nest and lays right in the middle of it all. He layers each of the blankets one on top of another so if you want one, you have to move him and likely atleast two more blankets. I still cannot believe this puppy, all five pounds of him, can steal all of the blankets. The humanity of it all! :)

Well, the second pattern is officially off to the printers. Starbox will be out very shortly, as long as this snow doesn't keep me away that is. Here's a sneak peak for you:

The third pattern will be printed shortly as well. From Grammy With Love is the current project. And once I finish the photos and finish piecing the color option of it, it will be out too. I'm having so much fun with all of the designs I've created and working on other projects too.

My Mom and I have both discovered English Paper Piecing. It's filling my hands with busy work while I sit and watch TV. I love it, almost as much as handquilting. I have to say, the more I do, the more I love the fundamentals of quilting. Going back to the basics isn't bad every once in awhile.

Alright though, speaking of projects, I need to get back to them. I have to take advantage of being snowed in while it lasts. I'll let you know once I have the new patterns in my hands and where you can find them. Stay warm out there, I'm going to go make myself some tea and sew away the rest of the day.


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