Here are links to tutorials I have done - both quilting and cooking. I hope these help you and please let me know if there's something you wish to learn.

The greatest part about quilting (and cooking too!) is sharing what you know with others. That's how I learned most of what I know and it's definitely something I enjoy sharing and learning from people I've met. Please take a took and pass it on!


* Sausage Style Pillowcases
* Charmed Living Runner
* Blissful Confection (Quilt)
* Half Square Triangles
* Spun Sugar (Quilt)
* Sew As You Go Scarves
* Layered Valances
* Dueling Personalities (Quilt)
* You Zig I'll Zag Quilt
* You Zig I'll Zag Quilt Mini
* Easy Peasy Curtains
* Santa's Cookie Mat
* Wiggly Whimsy (Quilt)

Back to Basics:

* Scissors
* Threads
* Embroidery Threads
* Quilter's Knot (Left-handed)
* Quilter's Knot (Right-handed)
* Quilter's Knot - The Video
* Quilt Sizes
* Thread Bunnies
* Binding - Part One - The Prep
* Binding - Part Two - Sewing it On
* Binding - Part Three - Stitching it Down
* Irons
* Batting
* Figuring Quilt Backings


* Slow Cooker Chili
* Homemade Applesauce
* Broccoli Cheese Soup
* Peach Bread/Muffins
* Cheese Strata Casserole
* Pantry Stir-Fry
* Sauteed Kale
* Sauteed Kale Update
* Incredibly Simple Asian Slaw
* Best Coleslaw Recipe EVER
* My Famous Glazed Kielbasa
* House Seasoning
* Taste of Summer Salad
* Homemade Chex Mix
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